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Divine essence is so manifold

November 02, 2020
Divine essence is so manifold

Exploding with frantic drive, the music of Vileness Exalted composition combines musical fury with vocal anger. The To Jerusalem song brings the vocals to the fore at first, then complements the melodic lace of the guitar solo in the instrument bridges. But then the music on the Dawnbreaker - Deus Vultalbum is transformed into an epic symphony.
Self titled track Dawnbreaker begins with an epic symphony, but then picks up the tempo in a playful dance, then enveloping the vocal phrases. The Burnt Offerings twisted guitar solo anticipates the development of a fierce instrumental thriller that introduces the album's title track Deus Vult, beginning with a viscous and viscous procession of a dark march that lifts the smoldering banners of the dark grandeur of the twilight anthem.
Pulsing with frantic whirlwinds of furious drive, the Armor Of Light song weaves a playful round dance from them, combining with frantic inspiration of vocal phrases. The Rechristianize continues the motives of the previous composition, accelerating the pace in the fast-moving stream of the musical thriller, complemented by the background echoes of mystical mystery. The New World Crusade surges in a swirling whirlwind of fierce fury, then brings a fan of brooding doubt to the instrumental bridges, heralding the album's conclusion with musical diversity.