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Divine aspirations are inaccessible for all mortals

October 02, 2017
A Taste Of Fear - God's Design

Mysterious soft motives begins the title track of the A Taste Of Fear - God's Design album in the insinuating fog of mysterious phenomena, laying the foundations of existence and describing the structure of a comprehensive comprehension of the surrounding reality, first thoughtfully dissipating, then filling his story with rapid power. Divine acts do not tolerate pettiness, the power and significance of the narration envelops on all sides with importance and significance.
The violent melodies of Into Hell combines destructive power and indisputable melodism together, backed up by a confident and diverse scream-growling vocals.
Soft acoustic guitar busting begins a mysterious and diverse composition Out Of Place, hiding the stealing sacraments of hidden power, with the introduction of the vocal opening the box of pandora with the furious streams of enchanting drive. After the solemn extravaganza of foolhardy drive, an unforgettable instrumental part begins, beginning with a brief flamenco, then narrating the unsurpassed guitar solo, ending with a flash of anger and rage.
The broken, complex rhythm of the A Feared Secret composition underscores the unsurpassed refinement, then changes into the mysterious whisper of the wanderer, creeping through the dark tunnels, in which nothing is visible. But then he breaks loose in the deadly dance of will expression to crush all enemies around.
The mad, irresistible stream of rebellion and zeal for freedom Make Suffer breaks free, smashing the barriers and sweeping away all of enemies. The bridge and the chorus tend to rhythm, again and again a crowd of like-minded people screams "Make Suffer"!. And this sequence is repeated again. Then the vocal in the grog-roaming grow thickens the musical cover, appealing to suffer again and again after a bright, unforgettable guitar solo.
The wave of musical drive rolls the tangible wheels of Ripped Soul's Gift powerful drive, circling around them all their thoughts and feelings, crushing the surrounding experiences. So sensual ballad The Passage in a calm and charming guitar fingering prepares for the perception of the tsunami of the irresistible drive of the furious raging streams, c harmingly combining rapid rushes and melodies in the single entity.
Waving the wings of heavenly dragons, the composition, that was named as the band A Taste Of Fear, carries us into the expanses of the wonders of indescribable, magical creatures and spirits that are beyond the spell of the magicians who called them..