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Disease of the spirit incinerates from within

January 29, 2021
Grogaldr - Illness Unto the Womb of Spirit

The gloomy mystery of the - silent symphony begins the Grogaldr - Illness Unto the Womb of Spirit album with vague premonitions, serving as an introduction to the next composition Morning Star Possession, in which mystical omens are transformed by a solemn procession of a dark anthem that combines vocal phrases with dark grandeur and musical symphony. But then the music accelerates the tempo, preserving, however, the bewitching twilight of mystical mystery, but lifting them to the top with a stream of musical drive.
A squad of black knights is chasing a fast-paced race of unrestrained drive, giving the sound of the Ein Sof - Beheading the Highest Order song the style of an unbridled musical thriller. Slightly restraining the tempo of the musical drive, the Osseous Rapture composition complements this musical severity with motifs of symphonic influence, combining combat drive and epic melody into a single sound.
The mesmerizing charm of the guitar solo in the Ritus Tabernaculum introduction captures by a melodic charm, taking you into the solemn procession of the majestic musical fairy tale. But the musical procession condenses the rhythm of the sound and accelerates the tempo with the introduction of the vocal in the verse, preserving the atmosphere of solemn grandeur, to which the music returns in the bridges and chorus. The Weeping Fog of Vengeance closes the album with a frenetic swiftness of musical thriller, wrapping the rhythm section and vocal reflections in a whirlwind of guitar riffs. But then the vocals again return to the epic tales characteristic of the album.