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Discoveries lurking in darkness and gloom

December 21, 2021
Immanifest - Qliphotic (EP)

The symphonic grandeur and unity of the musical fury and melodic revelations of the Revelations In Darkness song begins the musical narrative of the Immanifest - Qliphotic (EP) album with the unity of power and melody.
Combining symphonic motifs with the mystery of classical music echoes, the Thaumiel composition develops the musical passages of the release.
The symphonic grandeur and musical enchantment mesmerize the musical sound of the Among The Dead song, complementing the musical variations with mysterious vocal reflections that recede before the symphonic keyboard variations, but then unite with them in a unified musical stream.
The Among The Dead (Synth - Keyboard Sample) keyboards symphony based on the previous composition completes the release with a majestic musical artwork.