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Disconnected from all of us

August 11, 2021
From Fall to Spring - Disconnected (EP)

Unclear distorted conversations anticipate the introduction of a dreamy clean vocals, then alternating and combined with a fierce harsh vocals in the vocal part of the Fading Away composition.
The From Fall to Spring - Disconnected (EP) album continues by the rolleros of a powerful and energic drive in introduction, departing in front of thoughtful vocal reflections, but returning together with the vocal ascension in the Believe chorus, the brazed sparse lace of twilight romanticism from progressive musical variations and emotional extensions of vocal experiences.
The title composition Disconnected begins with so fascinating sound tale of keyboard notes, then intertwine vocal phrases, alternating clean and harsh vocals with relevant musical support.
Enchanting by the sound of gentle ballad, the Hear Me Out envelops the listener with the conclusions of romantic experiences, crowned with symphonic keyboards with the influence of modern musical trends. But retaining a romantic musical essence, the vocal part brings into the sound some elements of fierce sound variations.
Stopping the charm of symphonic keyboards, the Hear Me Out song completes the album with a romantic ballad with variable vocal parties, while maintaining the melodious softness of the sound.