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Differing from everyone - you become a white crow

January 31, 2021
Wardruna - Kvitravn

Vocal melodies begin the sound of the Synkverv composition with obscure melodies, then the string chime and the cry of the wind horn precede the development of the musical essence, then crowned with vocal experiences and shaded with wordless chorales of the singing maidens. The title track continues the Wardruna - Kvitravn album with the howling of distant winds and the croaking of a raven, as if delivering the news of the departed heroes. Then weeping tunes of musical passages and sophisticated vocal narration further embody this brooding saga. Vocal tunes in the dance of a brooding duet are combined in a round dance of musical whirlwinds of a brooding viscosity of the Skugge musical sacrament.
The Gra vocals narration is crowned with rhythmic pulsations, complementing the muffled whispers of male vocals with rhythmic aspirations with the background tunes of invisible ladies. The drumbeat of the introduction sets the mood for the battle march, but the sound of the Fylgjutal composition is crowned with a sad symphony of folk tunes. The acoustic chime of the guitar strings anticipates the Munin mesmerizing unity of vocals with musical orchestrations. The Kvit hjort chants of wind instruments mesmerize with brooding crying, creating an intriguing atmosphere for the introduction of muted wise vocals reflections.
The singing lady in florid melodies twists the way for the procession of the Viseveiding main motive, that is combining vocals inventions with musical mystery. The vocals immediately come to the fore of musical image of the Ni song, the music at first complements only the melodies of wind instruments and the heartbeat of drums. Musical tunes of folklore motifs create apprehensive forebodings, then twisting the Vindavlarljod lace of twilight veils around vocal phrases. The singing lady's vocal narratives come to the fore in the sound of the final composition of the album Andvevarljod, alternating with the saddened despair of the male vocals, as if repenting of missed opportunities.