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Different varieties of women need to be studied

March 23, 2021
Lux Lyall - Vamp

The Mad With The Moon song begins the Lux Lyall - Vamp album with a thoughtful romance, an upward-based vocal experiences of the singing lady on the forefront, continuing such a stylist in the Switchblade Baby composition, in which more attention is paid to instrumental bridges, in which the banner of symphonic melodism is attached, gossy in the dance with vocal/ Music and vocals alternate in a sound of the Teeth mysterious story.
Romantic thoughtfulness of the Gun Metal Horses ballad combines orchestral simphonism with vocal dreaminess. After the intriguing mysteriousness of the intro, the Baby Is A Vamp song puts vocals to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the phrase of the singing lady with a charming sparkling chime.
The Here's To You brief vocal monologue is entry into the Kitty Collins composition, complementing the album with notes of romance of blues music, thoughtfully sledging the muted vocal meditation through the muted romance of musical haze. The Ritual song retains such musical style, the fierce and overshadled musical atmosphere harsh and sonorous appeals of guitar riffs.
Having enveloped the listener to the fascinating atmosphere and charm of the fairy tales, the Wayward Girls And Wicked Women and Hotel Bar tracks seems to transit into the expanses of mystical omen, magic stories of invisible fairies and magical exercises of ancient wizards. The Waiting Room song completes the album with muted reflections and a solemn procession of a majestic anthem.