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Different tales will be told

March 12, 2019
Prometheus Dreams - Filthy Tales For The Blind

Pulsing musical conjectures and R.E.C. vocal omens anticipate the beginning of the Prometheus Dreams - Filthy Tales For The Blind album. Vocals start clean, occasionally alternating with recitative and growling.
Swiftness and rage sweeps up With Fire musical covers, vocals then thoughtfully alternates musical covers with clear phrases, but the rhythmic canopy pulses.
The fierce veils of the Stitched Eyes intro reject the entry of vocals, juggling with sparkling doubts.
Wind, noise and the Evilution Iv introduction, which develops the main motive, is enveloped by the vocal of clean vocals intertwined with growling in the future. Pulsating alternation music are carried away in a whirlwind of twilight drive, transforming into a whirlwind of the main motive of the Zombi (The Never Dying) composition. The popular music is interspersed with some influences from Latin American folklore and from time to time brings vocal experiences to the Red Light District forefront. Hardly and severely entangling the perception, the Under Your Skin vocals weaves in the recitative clean and growling. But in the chorus emphasizes the name of the song with a screaming vocals.
The muffled whispers and reflections of the vocals are lifted up into the extravaganza of the Angst main motive, meaningfully and solemnly enveloping vocal reflections. Starting and continuing with vocal reflections in the middle of the Twisted composition breaks down into a furious drive. Romantic thoughtfulness appeals to reflections, then One Last Dance transforms into a wave of drive from the final composition of the album Agony, frantically enveloping the coming premonitions.