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Different nations pray only to their gods

February 07, 2019
Tezcatlipoca - Tlayohualtlapelani

The dark story of the Tezcatlipoca - Tlayohualtlapelani album starts with thunderbolts, complemented by the horn’s appeals, then the gloomy shaft of the music march rolls the dark shaft of the Notlacahcahualiz Ica Yetztli, Cipactli narration, vocal reflections alternate with flute passages.
By toughening and hardening the rhythmic component of the Huey Tlatoani song, the guitar creates an epic atmosphere of fairytale narration, the musical image is intertwined with sparkling ribbons of flute parts, the vocal part remains in the background.
Thoughtful sadness in gloomy spirits rolls in the hazy haze of the In Tlilihtec Tzompantli intro, flute notes hover on the surface of the musical image, giving the originality of the sound to the gloomy narration of the vocal enveloped in the gloomy trends of the slow musical stream. Noise of rain and bad weather brings a more pronounced influence of folk elements and tempo boost, but then the composition returns to the grim triumph of the anthem.
Flute solo in the Macuil Xochitl Icic intro, then to the fore the terrible winds go to the foreground ritual chants of the Aztec priest. Ritual chants are combined with the brooding atmosphere of the Chichimeca, Yaotecatl Ayamictlan accompaniment. The priests and adepts continue the ritual, appealing to the help of the deities and begging for help and blessings. The chants of the shaman continue to dominate the music of the 6th song, in the instrumental bridges the mystical motifs of the flute invoke invisible spirits and ancient deities.
Crickets, evening bonfire entwined with the trends of invisible ghosts soaring in the Tlacatl Tlein In Mimiqueh Icah Tlahtoa dark music around the camp, then drowning from the epic twilight and marching along the march of the dark army along the path indicated by the priests.
The instrumental tunes of folk wind instruments Mictlan Itemouh, intertwined with gloomy melodies horns complete album in a shroud of bad weather.