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Different creatures and phenomena have various roots

June 09, 2017
Latanu - Corny Manalit

Black forest in shades of gloomy fog presents legends Latanu - Corny Manalit to our attention.
The noise of the rain and howling of the wind, the secretive whisper and the mysterious melody, which then grabs the rights of the main motive, begin composition Latanu, consonant with the name of the band. Then the main motive entrains into the abyss of a furious drive in which appears the sparkles of romantic melody. Then in the composition comes a respite, gathering at the camp fire wanderers listening to the teachings for the final dash.
The torn, broken, changeable rhythm of the Pandemija Smierci verse replaces with solemn anthem and proud march in the chorus.
Gloomy motives arises from the abyss of Hell into the introduction Spoviedz Tlenu, then the emerging demons carries away in impetuous impulse, preparing powerful and tough instrumental support for vocal phrases.
Album title track Corny Manalit hovers in unpredictable vortexes of guitar riffs, weaving them with vocal passages into a single masikal image, dragging the darkness of its meaning.
After so bright improvisation in entry, Inauhuracyja Aspida music envelops in the fog of seductive, but melancholic music - that demonstrates a kind of painful but undeniable process.
Viscously, with restraint march Sescie U Pustecu completes the album, enveloping us with a spectacular dusk and delightful darkness.