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Differences of opinion lead to disconnection

September 16, 2020
Vita Bergen - Disconnection

The pulsating haste of musical passages lifts vocal experiences in its emotional patience to the crest of the In The City musical image. The title track continues the Vita Bergen - Disconnection album with an obscure pulsation of instrumental accompaniment against the background, complementing the vocal experiences with musical artistry. But then the music captivates with the mysterious sound and charm of the chime of the keyboard solo.
At first, the Curtains vocals are captivated by vague doubts, but then the musical passages, in a light playfulness, tend to dispel this saddened mystery and bring a festive mood. Futuristic echoes and emotional drive bring synthpop sound to the album, combining guitar and keyboard variations around vocal musings that rise to the top of the Replace musical image in the chorus.
Feminine vocals combine the brooding mystery of the Schoolyard romantic ballad with the spiritual inspiration of keyboard passages and organ solo background music. The Closer Away vocal part alternates between inspired phrases of male vocals, complemented by the majestic artistry of the melodic keyboard passages.
Acoustic guitar solos are intertwined in dance with sensual vocal tunes, then the Bookstore music condenses the symphonic romanticism of the musical background. The newly synthetic elements of the Alexia futuristic music create a sense of the distant future, ending the album with a premonition of changes.