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Did you hear this yarns?

January 30, 2019
SuidAkrA - Cimbric Yarns

The stringed instrumental symphony Echtra begins the SuidAkrA - Cimbric Yarns album with a fascinating melody and in some way transforming the band's sound image. The reflections of the singing lady complete the composition, anticipating the next song Serpentine Origins, in which the violins and cellos complement the guitar passages in a musical manner. The pensive musical symphony creates an atmospheric background for vocal reflections, interlacing in a charming lace of sophisticated reflections.
In the Ode to Arma composition male vocals comes to the forefront of musical narration, a wandering bard sings sublime odes.
Expanding the stylistic framework of the album and band's music A Day and Forever brings the vocals to the forefront of sound, creating by accompaniment a light musical background.
In the orchestral and guitar passages of the instrumental Black Dawn composition, a disturbing anticipation is created, anticipating the anticipation of future fights and battles. Continuing this style At Nine Light Night thoughtful vocal reflections, as if experiencing the last night before a grandiose battle, guitar parts hover around vocal reflections with ghosts of past competitions and trials on the traveled path.
Being in captivity of experiences and thoughts Snakehenge complements the musical palette with influences of Celtic folklore, giving them symphonic and orchestral shades. The vocal part complements this melody with feelings and emotions.
Developing the lace of the main motive Birth and Despair begins the vocal part with muffled meditations, then developing the vocal and musical presentations with new and new shades and background chorals.
Re-starting with sad thoughtful reflections Assault on Urlar raises the musical self to the symphonic peaks, but returns to the narrations of the weary bard.
The bard saga Caoine Cruac begins with a discreet narration, then the orchestral passages envelop the vocal and guitar passages with a cocoon of charming motifs, completing the album with influences of fantastic inspiration.