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Dices of fate have to be rolled correctly

April 27, 2017
Carrion Vael - Resurrection of the Doomed

Incredible and impossible sometimes happens, Carrion Vael - Resurrection of the Doomed tells a set of similar stories.
The title track Resurrection of the Doomed immediately rushes into fierce battle, driving music into an unrestrained harshness, combining in its sound a duet of screaming and growling vocal styles.
Starting with a gentle calm break, Putrifix replaces in rhythmic and harsh hard motifs two different forms of the musical image: rhythmic march with the leading by growling vocals with swift rushes under the command of screaming vocals.
Hard, insuperable pressure of Nasty Betrayer leads its narrative, yielding not even single inch of its path, waving an unbreakable musical outline with a combination of vocal styles.
The persistent, unyielding Wormcount drive leads its story, combining the musical images of a fast and fast verse and ballansed, measured, rhythmically rolling chorus.
The controversy of vocal styles draws in a swift stream of doubts, swirling in a whirlwind of hard chorus motives plunging into the Cease to Exist abyss.
Soft, intriguing guitar paleg begins The Bear and the Lady Fair tale, the anticipation of a romantic ballad enthrall. However, the unrestrained rage of impetuous drive clings this motive with power and energy, without hiding its melodic essence, but raising like the glorious banner over the harsh musical and vocal rushes.
Violent vocal cries are restrained by rhythmic beats, but the vocal prevails the restraining grids of rhythmic bursts, exploding with furious rays. But growling puts on screaming and musical liberties in ever new fetters to support Dissimulation everywhere.
Throbbing, rhythmic End of Resistance conveys sadness and despair, complementing it with encouraging shades of coming changes.
Starting with a soft, thoughtful melody Hellspawn becomes the albums last song, the album ends with powerful, persistent impulses, alternating swift rushes led by screaming vocals and rhythmic, persistent breaks with growling. The song ends with the same guitar fingering as in intro.