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Devours outside and inside

February 27, 2021
Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal

The vocals immediately come to the fore of the Choke musical image, forcing an impatient desire for change, then raising the dreamy appeals of pure vocals to the banners of these thoughts. The title track continues the Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal album's musical narrative, blending the shades of epic musical twilight with the ascension of hopeful vocal proclamations. With a harsh and painfully majestic symphony, the The Grey (VIXI) music progresses, crowned with harsh growling, to ascend the inspiration of clean vocals, then diversifying the tempo and musical variations in this variety.
Captivating with the mesmerizing sound of the main motive, the Imposter captivates him by its unity with vocal variability. The guitar solo captivates in the cover of dreamy ideas, combining in a romantic way with the vocal transformations of the Better Below ballad. The Agonist begins with vocal reflections, then weaves into artistic lace with musical passages.
The chime of a guitar solo envelops vocal phrases with acoustic reverie, combining in a mesmerizing romance of the Quake unity of various musical styles. The musical extravaganza of enchanting sound begins with the Gods & Machines composition, which inspires with a typical mid-tempo saga march, continuing with the Voice & Truth rebellious musical thriller with echoes of thrash metal. The Cold Sleep continues the musical narration by accelerating the musical extravaganza into unity with the vocal dance. Exploding with drum rolls, the Dark, Infinite concludes the album with an incredibly lively whirlwind of musical frenzy.