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Devoted fans of rock'n'roll

April 04, 2021
Overdrivers - Rockin' Hell

The title composition begins the Overdrivers - Rockin' Hell album's musical narrative of the canvas with energy vortices of the drive that returns the memories of youth adventures. Artistic variations and juggling with styles and genres of the guitar solo instrumental part incredibly fascinates! Persistently and stubbornly stronger Bertha Rottenfold song puts forward the vocal phrases of the storyteller on the foreground of the musical image of the mid-tempo march.
Starting from the shades of southern rock, the She Hides a Big Packet composition then transports all of us to a dance party. The Hard Rock Hard Life Hard Night develops stylistic solutions embedded in the introduction of the previous song. Although - the name of the song is indicated that this is the likely result of many parties.
The slowdown pace of musical narration, the Hot Driver track whateen listeners of the mysterious atmosphere of ballads with blues notes. After stylistic variations, the Dirty Girls Island returns to the unforgettable racing of the rock'n'roll drive. A somewhat restraining the tempo and the swiftness of music, the Big Mary whacks listeners with spicy winds from prairies. After the intriguing intro, the Rock Your Life song returns to the atmosphere of youth adventures. The exciting main motive creates an atmosphere for the festival of a male company, which are raised by the banners of the Girls Gone Wild slogan. The Limbs of Rock'n'Roll ends the album union driving music with echoes of Celtic folklore.