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Destructive madness of incredible rage

August 07, 2020
Razgate - After the Storm... The Fire!

The Lacrimosa Dies acoustic guitar solo brings a romantic twist to the Razgate - After the Storm... The Fire! album's intro with an instrumental romance, then the Rising Death song explodes in furious waves of unbridled drive that retains the mystical charm of a dark symphony, but then vocals and music reveal the essence of unbridled drive.
Pumping the twilight waves of dense musical dryness the Broken by Fire brings the vocal part to the top of this musical stream. Twisting the whirlwinds of guitar passages, the tunnel of the After the Storm main motive around the vocal part carries away in an unrestrained dance. Accentuating the direction of development of the musical motive with rhythmic bursts, the Grinding Metal combines the vocal part with the rhythm section in the dominant position of the musical composition.
Artistically varying the shades and stylistics of the harsh in the vocal part the Shredding Praise sometimes supplements them with echoes of screaming and growling. The Behind the Walls of Terror continues the artistry of vocal variations, combining the dominant melodies of emotional harsh and the background backing of clean vocals and baritone approaching growling.
Bursting with rage and drive, the To the Rope! combines free anger and musical power into a single sound. The Bloodshed & Deliverance, continuing the mid-tempo pulsations of the previous composition, starting with a mysterious intrigue, envelops the twilight of mystery, but then explodes with a cloak of frantic drive, however, restraining the speed of the musical tempo, anticipating a frantic explosion of the Crucify (The Master Deceiver) final composition of the album.