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Destructive forces can and should be controlled

May 24, 2019
Paragon (DEU) - Controlled Demolition

The title composition starts the Paragon (DEU) - Controlled Demolition album with an intriguing instrumental introduction, ending with a rolling ripple of a responsible and proud march. Reborn continues this narration, somewhat speeding up the rhythm and complementing the pulsating waves of the drive with vocal phrases. In the bridges, the music is carried away in a rushing stream of unbridled rage.
A whirlwind of guitar passages winds up a tunnel of drive around the vocal narration in a verse, in the chorus the vocal again and again emphasizes the name of the Abattoir song. Mean MachineDancing in gusts of doubt, the main motif soars from side to side, not moving from the chosen path and stubbornly repeating the name of the composition in the chorus.
The significant solemnity of so magnificent Deathlines ballad sounds like a mesmerizing anthem, enveloping with a proud sense of surrounding valor and glory.
The rapid waves of the drive rolls as a galloping raid, taking Musangwe (B.K.F.) vocals reflections into the distance with incredible speed. Mystical whirlwinds make a mysterious cocoon around an epic vocal story, harshly musical passages in the bridge in front of the chorus and raising the grail of an epic festival in the Timeless Souls chorus.
Fierce and heavy sounding of music and vocals of the Blackbell composition, the album expands the genres boundaries, complementing them with new shades of medieval legends and epic chronicles. The Enemy Within continues the development of this direction of sound, accelerating the armored composition of the musical locomotive in the unrestrained race of fierce drive.
Continuing unrestrained swiftness Black Widow facilitates the sound, but gives a fabulous atmosphere with vocal phrases, captivating mystical tales. ...of Blood and Gore completes the album while preserving the atmosphere of mysterious legends, complementing the main vocal in the chorus with backing vocals.