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Desperate scream of burning flesh

September 23, 2022
Kerberos (CHE) - Of Mayhem and Dismay

After an intriguing introductory suite, the musical variations of the Resurrection of the Sun symphony weave through shifting vocals phrases, alternating the bewitching doubts of a singing lady with harsh growling, the musical story of the Kerberos (CHE) - Of Mayhem and Dismay album continues with the pulsating tread of a dark march with the symphonic charm of musical variations in the background, creating such a diverse musical support for the vocal story of the Burning Flesh composition, starting with the fierce insistence of growling vocals, sometimes switching to screaming vocals due to the acceleration of musical passages. But the singing lady brings her influence with inspirational chants, sometimes retreating before the chorales of clergymen and nuns.
Hardening the sound with waves of restrained drive, the sound of the Orchestra of Death composition nevertheless retains the background of the twilight symphony and introduces shades of folklore motifs and medieval fairy tales, which are more fully developed in the musical variations of the Holy Downfall epic saga and the varying the vocal part symphony with shades of bardic fairy tales and the spiritual grandeur of the solemn anthem, complementing the reflections of the singing lady with background chorales and clear male vocals varying the vocal part.
Once again charming with epic musical passages, the sound of the Icefall composition is brightly and charmingly complemented by the majestic opera melodies of the singing lady, wrapped in epic veils of musical lace. The Murder the Immortal musical battle immediately erupts with whirlwinds of drive, together with the unity of the fierce female vocals of the warrior princess in addition to the furious screaming of male vocals. The long and incredibly diverse Midsummernight's Scream musical symphony completes the album, appearing among its musical compositions like a separate artistic artwork.