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January 17, 2023
Celesterre, 2022 -  Earth

The inspired and epic Oceans vocals story begins the musical tale of the Celesterre - Earth album, fascinating with vocal phrases with the support of musical passages to study the world, continuing this desire in the discovery and study of more and more new spaces in the Islands composition, accelerating the sound in the dial and ascending the banners of inspiration in the chorus.
The Grasslands musical saga artistically puts forward a vocal story to the forefront of the musical image, then complementing the Cities musical narrative with shades of twilight mystery, a several fierce vocal part of this alarming process.
But scattering the anxiety and anxiety from human intervention, the Forests melodic musical fairy tale captivates the spirit of nature, ascending upward in the rays of sunlight in the sparkling sparkling of musical passages of the Skies composition, which puts forward the vocal story of the singing lady.
But then the pressure of the harsh drive rolls in waves of perseverance and pressure, weaving the Mountains musical covers, preceding the twilight mystery and unclearness of the Caves, weaving a bewitching lace of a mysterious musical fairy tale.
Significant, powerful and assertive passages of the Fresh Waters battle march roll out a musical canvas for a vocal story. Spicy and dry sandy winds wrap the vocal narrative, complementing the main male vocals with phrases of a singing lady, again and again emphasizing the name of the Deserts song. The Frostworlds composition ends the album with such expected snowstorms and echoes of northern folklore motifs.