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Deny and suppress your enemies - let them fulfill their death wishes

March 21, 2016
Manigua - Tierra de Maleza

Intro Surgiendo, first track of the Manigua - Tierra de Maleza leads to gloomy thoughts.
Powerful, sonorous entry of Nefasta Calana an equally gloomy, but more aggressively from start with melodic guitar solo in a middle.
Se Van a Pudrir much faster and rhythmical in the begining and ends in the marching style.
Start of Condenado choppy and core-styled, after slow part follows something relative to death and then returns to the start style.
Pisando de Frente is mid-tempo rhythmic track with a slow, rumbling chorus.
Start of title track Tierra de Maleza sounds like tank column enters the city, then a quick guitar bites. While singing the music slows down - as if it is the commander of a tank column subordinates. Before the end of the vocals beneath quick instruments and in the end - like the commander said, his words subordinates confirm.
Not squashed by tanks? This is the Destino. Almost all over this track 2 vocals leads their parties - harsh/growl and scream.
Maldita Oscuridad fast guitar in the entry passes to fast vocal. Then he and the singer and musicians relax again to increase the speed of its engines. And relax again.
Drummer broken to pieces his drumsticks in intro of Exilio, with the onset of vocal lowers turnover. In the course of the entire composition so - battle alternates with respites.
Un Mensaje first guitar buzzing like a wasp in a small space, then, as though marching squad moving slowly, confidently and directly to the end of album.

The slow, confident, growling Fidei Depulsor is the beginning of
Underground Groove Front - Asebeia.Ataraxis.
Death Wish starts much faster till the chorus, wich consists of grinding growl and clear/harsh vocal. In the future, these two vocal accompany each other.
Dense, viscous guitar intro of Vast and Hollow continues with a sad, somber ballad where harsh vocals tells the sad and sorrowful stories.
"Fuck the word" and laugh heard in the begining of Neglect then ... maybe, dancing beneath dance music harsh and growl vocals discuss different versions of "fuck the world" process.
The slow, melodic beginning of Transcendency thereafter continues to be a melancholic ballad.
Rested? Power, fight, drive in the entry of Siege...continued by slow viscous growl with a suitable accompaniment rhythms. And only at the end of the siege is significantly accelerated.
Starting like lyrical ballad Past Recovery remains the same till the end.
Stomp Crew marches without a word untill someone tells a few words... or that was radio from opened window?
Fast track Deny and Suppress tells the story of the resistance using the method of "to win - the first beat, strong and unexpected".
Fast and high-spirited track causes Damage, to restore power - a respite in the middle till the end.
Viscous slow start of The Taste of Rust accelerated to mid-tempo in the middle and then changes the poles back and forth.
Aporia starts with accustic guitar solo to which is electroguitar joins at the end.
Melodical start of Unable turns to the fast music and destructive drums and slowed down during the chorus.
The gloomy Menschenfeind, dreary and dull, pushes to sad thoughts. Well, not everyone wants to hear "happy end" at the finish.