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Demons take a variety of forms

September 08, 2020
Toxik Death - Sepulchral Demons

The sage's directives signal musical fury and vocal anger to entwine in the meteoric frenzy of the Toxik Death - Sepulchral Demons title track's musical thriller. Whirling a whirlwind of guitar solo into the intro, which sets the direction for the development of the main motive, the Savage Nights song gives more emotional color to the vocal part.
The rhythmic pulsations of the battle march intensify the proud prowess of the Malicious Assassin introduction, but the vocal part is preceded by the acceleration of the music in a rapid race of hurried passages. Immediately twisting the furious whirlwind of a fast-paced guitar solo, the Sadistic Sorcery song wraps these passages around the future development of the vocal part, rapidly running through the tunnel of guitar riffs.
Starting with a mid-tempo march, the intriguing guitar solo creates a mesmerizing atmosphere of the Morbid Divination epic saga, rolling in waves of intriguing omen. The vocals first join the musical narration in a mid-tempo anthem, but then combine with musical fervor for a fast-paced drive. But in the final fragment, the music and vocals again return to the mid-tempo procession. Weaving music and vocals in a single dance the Incantation of Annihilation chases in a fast-paced race for an incredible acceleration of musical sound. The final composition of the album Undead Vengeance sets the rhythmic pulsations of the battle march into the intro, anticipating the vocal intro by accelerating the tempo of the music.