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Demons can provide magical death

June 22, 2022
Demon Head - Viscera

A whirlwind of intriguing musical passages anticipates the entry of the twilight sadness of the vocal reflections of the Tooth and Nail song. The Feline Smile composition continues the musical story of the Demon Head - Viscera album with symphonic mystery and soulful vocal prayers.
The monologue of vocals chorales is the Arrows introduction to the musical story of the Magical Death mysterious composition, an intriguing twilight haze of musical passages, in which the saddened emotionality of vocal appeals flickers, which then hardens and complements the sound with shades of perseverance and gloomy echoes of dark spells.
Background wordless The Lupine Choir creates the atmosphere for a mysterious string chime, which then transforms into A Long, Groaning Descent twilight symphony with echoes of forgotten fairy tales and acting as a joint introduction to the exciting In Adamantine Chains musical fairy tale, crowning the mesmerizing musical waves with the emotional inspiration of the vocal part, speeding up the pace and transforming the stylistic boundaries of the album by expanding its genre influences.
The keyboards suite creates the atmosphere of the sound of the Black Torches composition, intersecting in a twilight dance with vocals reflections. The Wreath enigmatic symphony with pulsing string chimes is the introduction to The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony final track of the album, concluding with mesmerizing vocal reflections combined with epic musical overlays.