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Demons are hiding in the shadows

June 30, 2022
Black Lung (USA) - Dark Waves

The music moves towards the formation of the Demons main motif, then crowned with twilight vocal doubts. The title track continues the Black Lung (USA) - Dark Waves album's musical variations, setting the leitmotif with electronic pulsations, which then turn out to be guitar riffs.
Building the main motif on the fascinating artistry of musical variations, The Cog song gives the sound shades of romanticism with the help of vocals experiences, which develop in the gentle charm of the sound of the Awaken bright and exciting ballad, accentuating the emotions and feeling of vocals chants.
A musical fairy tale with oriental motifs is intertwined with vocal reflections in the sound of the Hollow Dreams enchanting dance, dissolving these stylistic motifs in the sound of the twilight procession of the unhurried mysterious Death Grip march, complementing in the vocal part a variety of stylistic shades with emotional melodies of a singing lady.
After weaving the musical canvas with notes of perseverance and intransigence, The Path song confidently, persistently and persistently raises the vocal part to its top, complementing the sound with the charm of the guitar solo of the instrumental part, anticipating the persistent and twilight completion of the album with the sound of the Mad King composition.