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Decaying order calls for the destruction of the foundations

June 18, 2019
Violentor - Putrid Stench

Exposing the need to take care of safety, the prayers of the woman and children begins The Escalation track, ending with an avalanche of furious drive, uncontrollably embodying the true essence of the Violentor - Putrid Stench album.
The ringing of the bells is preceded by a whirlwind of impetuous drive, interrupted by brief bass guitar solos in instrumental bridges and transforming the rhythmic structure in the chorus, which accentuates the name of the Butcher the Holy Swine composition.
Riding on a dragon, burning everything in its path and embodying the main motive of the Burning Rage composition, vocals phrases gives direction to the all-burning flame.
The muffled reflections of an unknown stalker, enveloped in the covers of an epic musical canvas, begins the Hunter of the Anorexis song, then dark musical passages envelop with power and draw twilight shadows. But the vocals rip off these terrible appearances of unrestrained harps in the final.
The rapid flow of impetuous drive brings vocal phrases to readiness to Pray to Die in the absence of the possibility of any other choice. The preacher's phrase completes the composition, anticipating the mysterious reflections of the lady on spanish from the old movie. However, on this introduction of Caustic Cutting ends and the music is carried away in the rampant rage of true thrash metal.
The title track Putrid Stench continues the album, expanding its stylistic framework in the introduction, but returning to the chosen style in the further musical narration. In the middle of the composition, a creepy demon ponders with gritting phrases, but the music rejects this horror in a furious drive.
Returning to the origins of the style and complementing the album with some trends of punk rock, the Scum of Society composition winds up the ingenuous and free turns of the rebellious drive. The wind precedes the explosion of fast-moving musical passages, retreating in order to start the motorcycle engines and carried away in an unrestrained race of the Destroy the Enemies musical rage before the album is completed.