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Decay is sometimes so peculiar

September 06, 2020
Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still

A harsh mystery builds up the clouds of a gloomy fog of The Lifeless Advance gloomy anthem, sometimes bringing acceleration and drave with vocal indignation, but retaining the viscous burden of musical gloom. Guitar solo Exhale The Ash of the intro continues the musical narration with twilight mystery, but the vocal intro brings a whirlwind of drive into the album's sound, but then the progressive fracture of the musical passages turns the sound of the composition to the unhurried sound of a dark anthem.
The title composition of the Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still album begins again with a viscous twilight of an obscure fog, complementing the vocal procession with a rhythmic march and twilight romanticism. Keeping the unhurried and thoughtful sound of the There Is No Horizon track hardens the mid-tempo of the dry of a pulsating march, sometimes introducing vortices of acceleration of musical passages in pursuit of vocal inspiration. The Inversion continues a similar style of sound, bringing in some waves of drive with bursts of vocal fury, but retaining its majestic significance with a touch of a heroic saga with musical passages.
Musical meditations envelop vocal reflections in a round dance, combined with the significant grandeur of the sound of Visceral Ends composition, introducing sophistication with vocal phrases and introducing progressive complication with musical improvisations. The Drawn Into The Next Void captivates with the majestic solemnity of the guitar solo of the introduction, then complementing the musical passages with vocal reflections. Beginning with a soft romanticism, the Dissolved Orders concludes the album with progressive breaks of variable rhythm, combining constant changes in musical tempo with vocal significance.