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Death will face fierce resistance

March 30, 2022
Demorphed - Denial Of Death

The music puffs up the atmosphere of painful meditations, combining then similar sounding with the wistful thoughtfulness of The Vision vocals narration, but at times exploding with the surge of anger and drive. The Fuel The Fire track after dense and rhythmic introduction continues the Demorphed - Denial Of Death album with unyielding vocal pressure, supplementing the vocal growling with notes of screaming, bringing the vocal part to the foreground of the Road To Ruin song sounding, varying and changing the musical tempo and sounding in accordance with the support of the vocal phrases. Of particular note is the artistic charm of the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Exploding with the furious drive of the intro, The Overseer composition somewhat calms down the harshness and fury of the sound with the introduction of the vocals. The intro guitar solo of the Denial Of Death title track creates an intriguing suspense, which recedes before the meaningful procession of vocals and shifting vocal and musical constructions.
The mysterious instrumental Interlude acts as an introduction to the next fragment of the album, in which again the Erebus And Terror vocals narrative drives the musical sound, mesmerizing the narrative of a forgotten fairy tale.
A whirlwind guitar solo points the way for the Snake Venom Booze main motif, then, with a swarm of guitar buzzing vocal phrases, the Weaver Of A Spell track returns to the vocal narrative of the musical tale, but builds the musical essence on a kind of vocal style dispute. The Alkahest song enters meaningfully, concluding the album with the majestic solemnity of a wise narrative.