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Death sometimes also charming

August 01, 2019
 Kaiseki - On Death

In impenetrable caves, waterfalls drip from streams of water, then the tremors pulsating from the depths intertwine with the chime of mystical melodies of the Iaod (The Beginning) instrumental introduction. The leisurely twilight narration of the In Vitro (Sacrifice) composition continues the development of the musical expanses of the Kaiseki - On Death album, starting with thoughtful reflections of female vocals, shrouded in a mysterious haze of musical twilight. Then the male vocals complement the vocal part with a severe growling, but the vocal patria recedes for the mystical musical coverings of the instrumental part.
A mysterious haze envelops the narrative with ghostly trends, female vocals begin cautious reflections, giving them some trends of disturbing romanticism, then male vocals complement the Licantropo composition with deep phrases of severe growling. Fairytale muffled trends of nature begin the On Death title track, then weaving the main motif lace around the narration of the vocal part, intriguing in the verse and praising the name in the chorus.
Creating the basis for inspirational keyboard passages, Hacia la Osucridad music prepares the listener for the introduction of vocals, beginning with muffled reflections, preparing the ascension of inspiration and emotions in the refrain. Weaving a lace of romantic experiences the Verbis Diablo (feat. Julia Hexe) composition twists phrases of male and female vocals in the enchanting dance of emotional experiences.
Following the noise of the surf, there comes the sound of In to the Blue brooding romance, entwining phrases of female vocals with soft musical covers of a mysterious mystery. The instrumental sacrament of the Venus to Earth (The End) composition, full of mysterious obscurity and intriguing charm, completes the album.