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Death lord was exiled on the burning star

April 03, 2023
Defying Plague, 2022 -  Leviathan of Rot

Rolling in waves of drive and rhythmic riffs, the Tainted composition complements the sound with the severity of vocals phrases, accelerating the tempo of the sound with the introduction of vocals, sometimes returning to mid-tempo reflections. After an intriguing intro, the Decaying Ecosystem rhythmic march continues the Defying Plague - Leviathan of Rot album with a confident thrust and perseverance of sound with a build-up of vocals tenacity. After an intriguing introduction, the NWO (New World Orgy) song brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, complementing the vocals lyrics with variations of musical support.
Consistent with the name of the band, the Defy the Plague composition begins with twilight solemnity, then varying and transforming the music and vocals in various combinations, followed by the rapid race of the twilight Death Lord musical fairy tale, somewhat restraining the pace with the introduction of the vocals story, which obeys the sound of the Burning Star composition after the introduction.
Enveloping the Sentence in Exile musical march in a twilight haze, subordinates its procession to the vocals narrative, then enchanting with a pensive melodic guitar solo introduction, followed by a vocals confession and the variable sound of the Feed the Dark musical tale. After drumbreak introduction, the Anthropocynical song captivates with artistic transformations and the unity of music and vocals, preceding the end of the album with the assertive sound of the Leviathan of Rot title track.