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Death has innumerable guises

January 27, 2020
Through The Earth - I Am Become Death

The drum roll invokes a severe explosion of furious drive, complemented by deep growling phrases, interrupted by brooding bridges with melodic whirlwinds around screaming phrases. These streams are woven into a bewitching lace in the Holy Servitude chorus. The viscous dusk of a bewitching march continues the Through The Earth - I Am Become Death album, but the introduction of vocals transforms the rhythmic structure with rapid bursts of vocals phrases, summing up musical measures with severe musical passages. Then the Sleepstalker somg is transformed into a fast-paced action movie, complemented by artistic reflections of instrumental bridges, piercing the musical image with sparkling guitar solos. The severe whirlwind of entry is transformed by flying on the wings of the Human Leeches main motive by alternating vocals phrases of severe growling and several variations of scream growling. The epic ending of the composition, marching with a rhythmic procession, crowned by a bewitching guitar solo, smoothly flows into the opening of the I Am Become Death (Feat. Nathan Gearhart) title track, which is rapidly chasing after an appeal of a vocal scream for an invisible goal, sharing the verses with a beat of the drum roll, returning to the bridge preceding the chorus, over and over accenting the name of the song.
Further, the Among Headstones instrumental saga creates a bewitching unity of the pensive romantic background of guitar riffs with a solo part of an acoustic guitar that brings elements of flamenco and sparkling ideas to the album, then these motifs develop in the rampant drive of the Almost Haunted song, filling the bewitching melodism with the foundation of severity and power.
The explosion of a furious drive raises the significance of the vocal part, then the Bath Salts combines the alternation of vocal styles with changes in the rhythmic component. Setting the sound of the pulsating march in intro, In Need Of Redemption then rushes along with the rapid drive of the verse, returning to the motives of joining the chorus. Spoken Wounds completes the album with a variable composition, combining a fast thriller verses with a pulsating march of bridges and a chorus, impressing with a variety of musical ideas and solutions.