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Death has different guises

February 01, 2021
Vrenth - Baptism Death

Mysterious screams and vague pleas of the suffering ones precede an explosion of furious drive, combined with vocal anger in the Graveyard Of Lost Souls single stream of a dark musical thriller. After the painful sounding of a dark anthem, topped off with a harsh vocal monologue of deep growling, the In The Wasteland Dwell song continues the Vrenth - Baptism Death album with a race of impetuous drive, whirling in a gloomy spiral of frantic pace.
After the epic mystery of the twilight haze of sunshine, vocals come to the forefront of the Paroxysm Darkness musical image, combining growling and screaming in the vocals, sometimes ascending in a twilight march, bringing shades of black metal to the sound. The Rapture Of The Empty Space introduction sets the direction of the procession of the dark anthem, enchanting with its twilight melodism and drawing you to the procession into the dark spaces with triumphant chaos and evil.The guitar solo of the instrumental part captivates with incredible melody and charm of sound.
The title track Baptism Death begins with an indistinct haze of a fairy-tale twilight, then accelerates the pace, but preserves the atmosphere of an epic saga. The Raging Blood Rivers confidently follows the path of the epic bardic saga, anticipating the vocal intro with the gloomy bitterness of the musical canvas, preserving the bewitching mystery of the dark fairy tale.
Immediately invoked by the nonimportance of musical fury, the Burial Crypt precedes the intro of the vocals with a kind of restraint, rolling waves of the dark triumph of the mid-tempo anthem, with the intro of the vocals somewhat accelerating the tempo, but preserving the dark solemnity of the musical narration with echoes of ancient legends and epic chronicles, retaining a similar mood in the Flames Of The Seven Jaws (Devouring Funeral Pyre) final composition of the album, brightly complementing the main and dominant growling vocals with notes of demonic screaming and bright guitar solos of instrumental fragments.