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Death and life are just heads and tails

December 17, 2019
Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas

Introduction of the Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas album Anthropogenic: End Transmission begins with a dispute between a man and a woman, a teacher and a student, in Latin discussing the imperfections of the world. Then The Geocide embodies the power and fury expected from the band and inherent in the style, however, it retains debate and disagreement. Vocal variations enriches a clean vocals with screaming and stern growling. Exploding with power and drive, however, the Be Still Our Bleeding Hearts vocals, however, again and again return perception to wise thoughts.
Throbbing with a drum beat, Vulturous complements this march with vocal reflections. But then, combining vocals in variations of screaming and growling, the song sometimes explodes in streams of rampant drive. Reflections with a vague instrumental background set the judge of human civilization, speaking The Great Dying (part 1) as the introduction to One Day Closer To The End Of The World very interesting and variable composition, combining the stern grandeur of power with growling vocals with swift and emotional explosions with screaming. Bring Back The Plague rage and drive are combined with obscure, difficult to perceive, but so bewitching vortices of epic melody. Reflections and variations are combined in a mesmerizing haze of anticipation, starting with epic reflections of the Absolute Destitute introduction, but invoking a swift fury with vocal screaming. But then a thoughts are following, culminating in an impressive drive. Muffled distorted speech The Great Dying (part 2) condemns humanity, however, Finish Them composition varies the awareness of inevitability, bringing inspirational sparks of pure vocals to encouraging mid-tempo thoughts.
Rage, power and energy dissipate any obstacles and resistances, however, bewitching melodies and the progressive breakdown of rhythmic structures creates With All Disrespect sound. Epic appeals rolls out Time's Cruel Curtain bewitching musical canvas, bringing the influence of many other genres. Inspirational thoughts The Unerasable Past of a distorted whisper and thoughts of clean vocals embody the title track of the album Death Atlas, preserving the epic charm, but exalting it with a furious drive and unbridled power.