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Dealing with the evil

August 24, 2022
Headstone (DEU, Kraiburg) - Get on My Bones

The chime of the guitar strings anticipates the further celebration of the blues of the Appetite song, complemented by vocals phrases with notes of humorous jokes.
Rolling waves of unyielding drive and musical perseverance, the Dealing with the Devil composition will continue the musical tunes of the Headstone (DEU, Kraiburg) - Get on My Bones album with a unity of drive, courage and perseverance, which captures attention and captivates further listening.
Guitar riffs in unity with rhythmic presentation come to the forefront of the Wherever You Roam harsh march, rolling waves of musical perseverance to elevate vocal emotions to their crests.
The Get on My Bones title track confidently and reliably captivates the created atmosphere of musical confidence and reliability, highlighting the vocal narrative in the sparkling celebration and playfulness of the duet vocal part of the From Booze to Pain composition.
The vocals immediately accentuate the title of the Outlaw song, again and again emphasizing its title and significance with their harsh appeals, billowing with an indomitable whirlwind of rebellious drive in the sound of the Point of No Return composition, restraining the pace with provocative vocals turns and notes of romantic experiences with the rhythmic step of the Called You Back final song with notes of rebellious moods.