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Deadly combination! Checkmate!

February 19, 2022
Queen Of Distortion, 2021 -  Checkmate!

The Throne Of Destruction intro riffs come in waves of uncontrollable rage, anticipating the demonic lady's vocal fury. The Bloody Rain track begins with a drum roll, continuing the musical narrative of the Queen Of Distortion - Checkmate! album with pulsating waves of a battle march.
The intriguing intro guitar solo anticipates the introduction of the vocal of the New Order song, fascinating with artistic changes of sound and preparing for the assertive sound of the Four Horsemen and Save Yourself compositions, with the last one bringing the vocal part to the forefront.
The Torn From Life romantic ballad wraps the singing lady's musings in a veil of mystery with hints of light sadness. The unyielding pressure of guitar riffs wraps twilight swirls around the stubborn vocal emotion of the Rest In Pieces composition. The drumbeat of the Into The Void battle march combines with the chants of the flute, then retreats before the furious whirl of the rushing drive.
The Checkmate! title track captivates with exciting musical motifs and captivates with vocal emotionality. The People Without Tears song marches in a mid-tempo musical procession on the verge of an epic ballad, complementing the main female vocals in the chorus with male backing vocals, ending the album with the Nightmares epic musical tale.