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Deadly and incredibly dangerous orchestra

October 18, 2021
Zeromancer - Orchestra of Knives

In the sound of the Testimonial song of vocals and music together create an atmosphere of anxiety and premonition of threatening danger. The Damned Le Monde composition continues the sound of the Zeromancer - Orchestra of Knives album by a medium-tempo rhythmic march, which is a vocal part on the crests of musical waves. The Transparency track wraps with an atmosphere of intriguing mystery.
Twilight intro creates a premonition of future changes, then the caution of inspiration banners and the encouraging sound of vocal phrases of the Mourners song. The Birthday brings the vocal party to the forefront, complementing the main vocal on the background patience and sometimes binding vocal parties in a duet. In the instrumental part, the pulsating indignation imposes the motifs of further continuing musical story with vocals fierce. The Terminal Love continues vocal domination in a full doubt and guesses atmosphere.
Muted and distorted vocals reflections create background support for twilight pulsation of electronic pulses of the Worth Less Than Deutsche Marks to Me composition. The title composition Orchestra of Knives twists the mysterious dance of the sorrows variations with a full doubt and anxiety vocals narrative. After the mysteriousness and twilight of the population, the Stand on Ceremony rises the banners of the solemn inspiration in the chorus. The San Zero composition completes the musical narrative album.