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Dawn is gravestone for the night beings

October 06, 2016
The Legion Of Hetheria - Awakening

All sleeping and stuck through the ages, from which escape is not capable - needs The Legion Of Hetheria - Awakening from its lethargy.
The mighty blows hammered sounds in our mind waiting elevate sound symphony up - next chiming bells indicates that Here Comes the Dawn.
End of the entry is the beginning of the first and title track of the album, Awakening. It combines chorales with increasing tension musical component and first lady, that goes into the foreground with the emotional monologue - then screaming and growling vocals supports her story with its mighty sounds. Closer to the end lady combine her phrases with the clean male vocals.
Ragged rhythm and fast breaks starts, than intro of Run from the Storm includes oriental folk motives. Then, the composition integrates and combines fast powerful parties, oriental melodies and delicate female vocals. Furious moment with malicious growl approximates the end of the composition, the female monologue completes it. Symphonic melodies continues to power metal, next Reaching Out paints the emotions and thoughts by female monologue, then the density of the sound pressure pumps and fast time pieces are returned on time. The next verse is headed by clean male vocals and female he combined their courses at the end.
Symphonic orchestra beginning of the Human Introspection transformed into a fierce angry speech that utters a growl with frenzied and intense music. Then those angry and indignant parts are replaced by soft female vocals and insert a furious screaming.
Rabid violent gusts of musical fury combines with gentle female vocals during the Face the Light story, Lady manages to embed its own phrases in a tight and powerful accompaniment, without any decrease of its emotional component.
Exalted choir and chime begins to Uncertain Paths, and is supporting female and male vocals all over its time. Toward the end growling and screaming vocals inclusions embedded in the furious musical canvas. And - the story ends!