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Dawn dissipates the twilight, giving rise to the new day

March 28, 2017
Mycelia - Dawn

In a complex, peculiar world, the twilight enveloping the earth with an impenetrable coverlet recedes as the Mycelia - Dawn approaches!
Music hovers as the whirlwind of complex, mysterious and interesting various parties. The vocals merge with this vortex, combining clean style and growling. Then gentle clean voice comes to the fore of the Call of the Void, introducing a recitative, then a considerable part of the romantic lyrics. But the growling comes back again, but the instrumental delights interrupt the angry rage, appealing to the delicate dreamy clean vocals and a fair share of the gentle meditative romance, which unites wih the angry growling in the single stream of musical wonder.
Electronic device, interference gives Drop the Baby to us. Then the music changes from swift, sharp aggressive passages that refracts the surrounding reality with a powerful rush to romantic, dreamy intriguing melodies enveloping the fog of exquisite romance. Vocal varies styles in a similar manner, melodic, exciting in whirlwind of sensual romance, guitar solo completes the composition.
Power and drive create meaningful support for a refined, piercing and sparkling guitar solo, serving as a guide to the Legacy main motive. After a powerful and tough beginning, the romance breaks to the forefront, taking away all attention for a while, but then the rage and aggression merge with a gentle, romantic vocals in a single stream of musical extravaganza. Rhythmic, clear, measured blows and rough growling lead the composition to a remarkable and bright conclusion.
The mysterious piano carries on expanses of exquisite fog, creating a symphonic delight of 1001011 classical introduction. Then the children's choir and instrumental power embody the ballad in a powerful sound, the drive of which emphasizes the refinement and charm of the main motive, the banner of which the keyboard passages bring up. An exquisite whirlwind of complex guitar improvisations and a changeable progressive guitar parties passes through the Permanent Intoxication composition like a knife through butter. Vocal extols power and angry rage, supplementing the rough tough growling with sharp and sharp screaming inclusions. Symphonic keyboard passages and melodic guitar solos complete the composition with their charming sound.
From powerful and dense sound, Acardiac takes us into the distance symphonic keyboards dreams, creating such exquisite and wonderfully image. Then screaming achieves primary role in the sound, surrounding the music with dark fog of mysterious images. Then the vocals replace each other, combining pure, screamin and growling in a meaningful and self-contained completion of the album, each audition of which will be perceived in different ways.