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Darkness reigns supreme over the world

February 06, 2020
Mortiis - Spirit of Rebellion

Symphonic echoes of fairy tales and legends are combined in the epic sound of the Mortiis - Spirit of Rebellion album. The album consists of dilogy, each section of which is decomposed into fragments - A Dark Horizon pt.I begins the first section with a majestic anthem, solemnly and leisurely rolling the musical canvas of inspired grandeur. Then A Dark Horizon pt.II captivates with mysterious twilight, enveloping in the obscure mystery of the atmospheric symphony with the wordless chorales of mystical fairies.
Walking through an intriguing march, instilling an atmosphere of apprehension, A Dark Horizon pt.III ends with a soft and romantic A Dark Horizon pt.IV composition that accentuates the sound of the main motive set by wind instruments and complemented by mysterious echoes of the musical background. Keeping the atmosphere of ancient mysticism A Dark Horizon pt.V gives it in some way futuristic shades. A Dark Horizon pt.VI completes the first section of the album, escalating gloomy forebodings and enveloping in the obscure ghosts of mysterious omens.
Epic symphony Visions of an Ancient Future pt.I and encouraging forebodings inspire at the beginning of the next section of the dilogy, next Visions of an Ancient Future pt.II continues the musical narration with vague forebodings with opera choirs. Once again, wind instruments comes to the forefront of the Visions of an Ancient Future pt.III musical image, whipping up foreboding of battles and readiness for exploits. Visions of an Ancient Future pt.IV and Visions of an Ancient Future pt.V continues the previous composition, pushing the musical atmosphere into the area of anxious forebodings and cautious anticipations. But fears and anxieties culminate in the arrogant swirls of wordless chorales interwoven in the Visions of an Ancient Future pt.VI bewitching dance with encouraging banners of musical passages. After the mysterious omens of the introduction, Visions of an Ancient Future pt.VII completes the final part of the dilogy and the entire album, captivating the audience with its leitmotif.