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Darkness holds anxiety and despair together

September 15, 2018
Bloodline (DEU) - Darkness In The Fallen World

Choosing a direction, an unbridled stream of drive is carried away in a furious Ghosts Of Desolation introduction, starting the album with a dense and hard sounding, driving in rhythmic and harsh passages of the verse. But in the chorus, the music brings a fascinating melody - this combination is becoming the hallmark of the Bloodline (DEU) - Darkness In The Fallen World album.
The viscous fog of entry with powerful rhythmic steps stirs the mind, it is pierced by the mysterious ray of a guitar solo, then powerful and severe almost-title track The Fallen World verses drives in hard guides of the composition alternates with dreamy romantic choruses. This contrast enhances the change of vocals styles from harsh harsh to lyrical clean. Very similar in style to the title track and the next one White And Black - only the alternation of clean vocals and fierce harsh becomes more frequent. The same lyrical parts sound somewhat softer and more thoughtful.
The melodic Universe In Torment intro enchants and fascinates, the vocals become softer and the music is more melodious. Unlike previous tracks, vocal harsh approaches clean, rising in choruses with inspirational phrases.
A proud melody majestically envelops the Trough The Darkest Days intro with memorable melodies, then the music retreats to the side, making room for changeable vocal reflections, returning in choruses to the melody of the intro. Lightening the sound of Hit The Storm complements the album with a slightly different style, returning to the origins of heavy metal - vocals, however, it retains the rage and rigidity of harsh, complementing the melody of the chorus with harsh and demonic phrases. Bats, don't worry - this is NOT Alice Cooper song cover: Vengeance Is Mine it sounds rhythmically and densely, filling the middle tempo composition with stylistics close to sludge, while remaining still in thrash metal.
The last composition of the album Show Me Violence is even more bogged down in a hard, dense and hard sound, but after the introduction it throws off the shackles and is carried away in a furious drive, driving the sound of bridges with rhythmic impulses. But the chorus seems to take it to another dimension - complementing the sound of the composition and the album with something like the popular music vocals.