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Darkness have to be gone - it's time for the dawn

October 28, 2016
Dawn Of Flames - Dawn Of Flames

In the wasteland everyone fades - there's no time to rest while Dawn Of Flames - Dawn Of Flames !
Romantic and lyrical, like lullaby that soothing rebellious consciousness Awaken intro prepares for The First, that hammer, smashing to pieces the obstacles in its path, moving sharply and stubbornly on it, vocals grinds resistance and obstacles with its harsh course, helps instruments to surpass it in such intentions.
Separation begins with furious staccato riff that grinds everything to ashes, with the introduction of vocal rhythm focuses on supporting the vocal phrases, raising melodic foundation for a gentle and emotional chorus.
Zealously and lively story begins, dethroning doubts with riffs and notes, music spraying strokes of shades, but No Escape for all of them. Great fascinating main motive is embodied on a primary role in the instrumental guitar solo incarnation Ghosts swarm flies despite the obstacles, rushes so quickly as they can - they were sent to awaken Demons. The chorus soft clear voice is added to the harsh vocal phrases. Then, the hammer of the gods drives the piles of structure the world in the ground.
The gentle melody of instrumental Desolation envelops from all around, lyrical melodies veil hiding us from all around misery and calming anger and aggression, caused by the imperfection of reality.
Eagerly and furiously begins the statement that all around Worthless! Rapidly throwing to the side on its way, and only tentative phrases of the clean vocals in the bridge before the chorus delays this furious progress. But then something transforms this desire, upgrading the basic melodic motif! Improving it for subsequent instrument passage, later - untill the end!
Rage and anger are concentrated in thought, whipping up emotional tension Mori Difficile. Saturating expectations with its intrigues, varying the rhythm and tempo, pumping voltage with monologue narration around which the wheel of guitar accompaniment rotates.
And the chorus repeating many times the name of the track Quickly and decisively guitar riffs wings carries the musical canvas to support vocal doubt in himself. Then, after a nervous monologue, guitar complicates their parties in instrumental delights, drums varies tempo, surrounding guitar passages tunnel by the tunnel their bits. So, that was The Last one.