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Darkness envelops all with its blanket

September 04, 2016
Diabolos - Cannibal Darkness

Black cat does not visible in the dark room...especially if it doesn't exist there. Whether Diabolos - Cannibal Darkness is perceptible very much and exists!
The lady announces us as the last link in the food chain, then instruments concentrates oppressiveness down to vocal phrase We Are Going To Eat You!
Maniac proceed without any delay to the search of his victim ...when he finds her - fascinates in a dark, gloomy, secluded spot. The victim screaming pitifully and helplessly, but a monster executes his dreadful plan. Then screaming and harsh complemented by splash of growl and a dangerous person continues its activities!
Dusk gathering, but a female shriek impales them with smashing blade, but the fiends of darkness were ordered to Katchem And Killem. These terrifying shadowfiends do not depart from its destination - quickly, relentlessly. no doubt seeking - to fulfill predestined horror.
The title track begins with a balanced, insistent guitar riff and phrase, narrated by the radio announcer. Then Cannibal Darkness increases the speed of its rage, breaking resistant pikes. In a concise time, sublime melodic guitar riffs adorns the bridge, followed by another phrase radio announcer. And the eerie atmosphere of desperate rage and wrathful inconsolably completes with the budded and confidentas, in comparation with a brief appearance at the bridge, dreamy lyrical melodic guitar riff! Preacher creepy cult requires his followers to repeat after him the glory of the fiends of Hell - "I will devote to him myself", "I will worship him", "I will suffer for him", "I will die for him", "I will kill for him" ... cultist then completes the preaching and we can hear the screaming which broadcasts I Drink Your Blood, "I eat your flesh"!
Heavy sighs, snapping photo camera - Aftermath morbidly felt! Sadness and grief are embodied in melodic guitar riff, screaming vocal phrases complements despair and pain. Implications affects, but beautiful melody distraction from gloomy thoughts, allowing consciousness to hover over mundane shutter snaps at last!
The sad monologue tells some info to us, from afar Dixieland can be heard, terrible story Cat In The Brain saturates the air with terror and fear, describing the horrific details of senseless brutality, wanton malice and hatred for everything around without any reason.
The explosion and the victims are beginning to groan as the intro of the Men Behind The Sun. Guitars are pulled out from the continuous dreariness and methodical melancholy, rushing to sudden jerks and jagged spikes. A short monologue returns passed - melancholy turns back, burning from the inside, not want to retreat and go to the background. In the battle of competition and these ways the composition is held down to last breath of the victim.
Rhythmic slaughter rhythm and shrill wail of hopeless victim starts Guinea Pig, it paving the way unrestrainedly, aggressively and quickly. Guitars aggressively and violently accompanies to the screaming vocals, supplemented by occasional patches of growl.
Acoustic guitar strum sounds until the monologue in Spanish indicates the Day Of The Beast. Fickle day begins with melodic lyrical music and then shifts the rage and anger in the sound vibrations by varying the tempo and rhythm - all this attracts the attention by the strongest chains, shackled consciousness in painful expectation of the worst times. Acoustic strum returns with the spanish confession and sublime lyrical melodic guitar riff for a while - to crown the composition and the entire album!