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Darkness conquers with mysterious blessings

January 25, 2020
Deaf Rat - Ban the Light

A severe drive, pulsating accelerates the flow of sound, restraining the swiftness of mid-tempo sound, the vocals bring rebellious mood, to the Fallen Angels composition, jumping to the top in an inspired burst of chorus. Hail the End of Days brings shades of spicy east winds into the introduction, then transforms into a solemn hymn, then weaves these shades in a single musical picture, significantly continuing the Deaf Rat - Ban the Light album. Tying You Down explodes with an uncontrolled stream of drive, complementing the musical sound with power, but at first the vocal restrains these jerks, but in the chorus it elevates vocal phrases to the sparkling top of the musical image.
While retaining some fragments of the drive, the Save Me from Myself vocals indulges in self-derogatory doubts, raising fears for their fate and blaming themselves for the problems. Entangled in the thoughts and doubts of the introduction, the title track Ban the Light then cuts through these shackles and, after vague exclamations of invisible ghosts and arrogant evil, marches on with an inspired procession of a medium-speed thriller, making the battle ready in the verse and offering the banners of greatness and valor in the chorus.
The soft and brooding Bad Blood romance combines vocal confession with a soft chime of an acoustic guitar and background tunes of violins and cellos. The main vocal part is complemented by the background female vocals. But Make You Suffer sharply aggravates the sound and marches in a mid-tempo riot, enveloping vocal perturbations with a cover of musical severity and power.
Rushing is a confident and stubborn bulk, Say You Love Me carries away the main motive of the verse to listen to, raising in the chorus inspired musical and vocal experiences. Wanted Forever brings some influences of robber adventures to the album, bewitching with a feeling of constant danger and spiciness of such experiences. Reflections and doubts of the introduction develops into the lace of the Welcome to Hell inspired ballad that completes the album with mesmerizing melody.