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Darkness can provide the grace, but in the dark you can't see it

June 21, 2016
Katalepsy - Gravenous Hour

In The Dark of Stars with quiet, calm, well-balanced chime of guitar strings enters Katalepsy - Gravenous Hour.
The average pace, heavy sets Blindead Sultan, engaging vocal signals to other instruments - enough rest, chop and destroy for the full program. After such a powerful and rapid feed in the instrumental part comes respite - guitar solo rests on the melody, leading its party without haste. In the same slow tempo song concludes.
After a brief respite in the last end, the tools do not stop its destructive impulse in the To The Lords of Nihil. Chopped, broken rhythm doesn't output speed and jerks to the fore, but constantly vary the pace, jumping from an average speed to the slow crushing and wrecking all the power.
Drum solo starts to perform Critical Black Mass, viscous and slowly extends the story, picking up speed after the first verse, then jerks changing the tempo between the verses and bridges.
Weird, mysterious riff at intro of The Long Bright Darkness begins at a moderate pace, but at the bridge heard a sharp acceleration. Then the tempo and rhythm varies, but the average pace remains at the forefront.
Monastery of Nothing enters, ending musical beats with bass guitar inlays. Then the story takes place at an average pace, with acceleration inclusions, but dominated by melodic guitar riff that passes as leitmotif thread through all the track canvas.
Vocals marked the beginning of the After Omega. Then vocals burdensome and viscous, can't keep guitar fury within the boundaries of its pace. But at the end of the song the vocals still mollify instruments to comply with the framework established by them.
Grave New World rhythmic, well-established and enclosed in frames. However, then the rhythm fickle, and its boundaries demolish all the obstacles in its path, not enduring barriers for its variability.
Quickly, terrifyingly fast administer punishment Ghoul Inquisitor - without the slightest delay, and procrastination, without respite and stops to rest, to the middle of the song staging mid-tempo camp - h have to look around to find the remaining undead, to purge the world from them! Tephra rhythmically, but ragged and erratic rhythms that group juggling - from slow to average pace, with the fast inclusions from time to time.
In The River of Red instrumental outro, instruments changeable embracing strand of guitar riff, which stretched as the leitmotif through the entire composition.