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Darkness bogged down in liquid

May 03, 2022
Calliophis - Liquid Darkness

After painstaking, meaningful and confident preparation, the sound of the title track of the Calliophis - Liquid Darkness album weaves a lace of musical mystery and fascinates with the pensive significance of the epic musical narrative together with vocal reflections, marching with the persistent step of sonorous and powerful growling vocals.
After a brief preparation and setting the direction of the sound, the Krakonos composition viscously, painfully and constrained marches along the chosen path of the twilight march, wrapping vocal reflections in veils of gloomy mystery.
Gloomy vocal conjectures are considered twilight musical variations in the sound of the Rajomon musical saga, weaving the lace of mystery of the twilight shady covers of an ancient fairy tale.
After a brooding intrigue and a charming guitar solo, the persistent vocal procession of the Munk (Warm Heart) battle march brings notes of echoes of valiant feats to the musical sound, persistently and significantly complementing its step with sparkling reflections of the epic banners. The Art Of Shudder brings the vocal part to the foreground of the musical narrative of a gloomy fairy tale, enveloping vocal reflections with shady covers of dark musical echoes of ancient gloomy fairy tales. The painful brooding of vocal reflections completes the album with a leisurely heaviness of sound, enveloping the vocal procession with gloomy covers of impenetrable shadows, giving musical mystery a meloic charm and complementing the vocal part of the Fratricide final composition with a fascinating musical charm.