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Darkness and evil create their own tales and legends

November 26, 2020
Mental Cruelty - Inferis

The title track opens the Mental Cruelty - Inferis album with a crackling fire, drops of water and an intriguing mystery, intriguing the harsh and mysterious Planet of Misery symphony, combining the severity of vocal growling with the mysticism of a musical atmosphere. The Blood Altar continues the atmosphere of mysticism, somewhat accelerating the pace of musical narration and bringing the alternation of screaming and growling to the forefront of the musical image.
Enhancing the epic narration of a mesmerizing saga, the Tormentum music further enhances its symphony. The Priest of Damnation concentrates musical significance in the sound of the solemn anthem. Accelerating the music in the fast-paced drive of intro, the Mundus Vult Decipi then brings the vocals to the forefront of the musical image. The Cosmic Indifference retains the vocal dominance, slowing down the tempo in fragments with vocals, but accelerating in the explosions of the drive of instrumental bridges.
Sternly and confidently marching with vocal part the God Hunt envelops this march with musical significance, sometimes accelerating in the swiftness of a musical thriller, ending with an epic guitar solo. Slightly accelerating the tempo, the Human Evisceration soars in a swift whirlwind of drive, anticipating the final composition of the album, Monocerotis, full of fabulous mystery.