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Darkness and evil are also subject to certain order

August 10, 2019
Oldd Wvrms - Codex Tenebris

Slowly and mysteriously, the musical mystery of the Oldd Wvrms - Codex Tenebris album envelops in an atmosphere of obscure impulses, then rolls with painful passages of the main motive of the Tenebres song. But after deep, thoughtful stubbornness, stubbornness and burden recede, being in a tired detachment and romantic motives come to the forefront of the musical image. However, having gained strength, the painful passages stubbornly return to the musical expanses.
Painful thoughts continue at the intro of A l'or, aux ombres et aux abimes song, slowly and confidently walking along the path chosen by the main motive, wrapping its procession with vortices of guitar passages. Then, in thoughtful passages, the trends of romantic moments appear, introducing a touch of medieval bardic legends.
Stubbornness and persistence come to the forefront of the musical image of the Misere & corde composition, leisurely, harshly and irresistibly opposing persistent and indestructible barriers in its musical path. Tightly, powerfully and rhythmically driving the steps of his procession into the path of the chosen path.
Sadness and thoughtfulness leads the La vallee des tombes track to the path of the medieval minstrel saga, but then after a long, leisurely and painful preparation, the sound becomes hardened, while preserving, however, the saddened epic of the musical narrative. Fleau est son ame concludes the album, beginning with an equally painful and epic narrative, all enveloping and enveloping it with viscous vortices of guitar passages.