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Darkness also has its own shades

September 12, 2019
Darchon - Oionos

Out of twilight, disembodied ghosts rise inaudibly, mysteriously and mysteriously, but then harsh and powerful guitar passages envelop vocal reflections with rampant whirls, condensing the Nyx Melena musical narration to indescribable saturation. But then vocal phrases appeal to a certain pacification, varying the musical procession of the beginning of the Darchon - Oionos album.
Vocal phrases full of despair and emotions complement the obscure chants of the invisible fairies, musical passages are rolling in waves of gloomy despair and hopeless uncertainty. But then the charms of dark spells rise from nonexistence, giving the music a shade of dark triumph and completing the Moros composition with the unrestrained swiftness of a demonic drive.
Astron Uranion Ieron Selas continues to slowly and deliberately march under the banners of dark grandeur, at first significant and majestic, but then whipping up the swiftness and drive of a gloomy musical narrative shrouded in the mystery of dark trends.
A soft, mesmerizing chime of keyboard notes completes the album with a charming pacification of the Oneiros instrumental track.