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Dark winds are calling like voices of ancient spirits

March 07, 2021
Cruachan - The Morrigan's Call

Vocal rage and reflections are sealed in a violent swirl with musical passages, but then singing the Shelob charming fairies with women's vocals to appeal to the sparsephors of Celtic folklore. The Brown Bull Of Cooley returns to the traditional passages of heavy metal, crowded with symphonic heft of violin and perpetuating the screw-structural essence of the Cruachan - The Morrigan's Call album.
The Coffin Ships port noise and tunes are bad weather in the entry of The Great Hunger majestic ballad. The Old Woman In The Woods starting with delicate female vocals, Returns the atmosphere of the charm of bright Irladnik, rejecting any influence on their musical essence. The Ungoliant preserves the dominant role of the female vocal, rolling with rhythmic urges of a magnificent anthem, crowned with overflows and whirlies of guitar solo. The Morrigan's Call album's title track enchants vocal thoughtfulness with the chime of acoustic guitar strings, then blowing up the rapidness of the unrestrained musical thriller. But the Irish motifs retains their role in the musical performance of the Téir Abhaile Riú song.
The Wolfe Tone acoustic tunes of violins retains the Irish tone, then enveloping the vocal passage of the vocal passage by the lace with the sinking passages, complementing the dominant men's vocals with eating a singing lady. The Very Wild Rover continues the stylistic essence of the previous composition. But the memory of the Cuchulainn hardened - singing of generic blood focus the vocal party to demonic screaming, whirling the ribbons of guitar melodism. The Diarmuid And Grainne final composition of the album combines the dreaming jackets of pure vocals and demonic growling.