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Dark variations of demonic essence

August 03, 2021
Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones

Dense and painfully, the intro of the Goetia song rolling the cover of the twilight haze, but then the vocals turn to accelerate and the fierce of musical sound with the influence of a violent drive, but sometimes returns to a musical dusk with dark squeezes. The Abyss Within My Soul composition returns to the musical dusk, but envelops the listener with the conversion of the sad romantic haze, the transformation of the vocal part and diverse and expanding the stylistic framework of the Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones album. Music and vocals are intertwined in mysterious dance, then compact and fiercely their unity in the gloomy greatness of the In Shrouds Decayed dark ballad. Then the vocal party is complemented by the background cahnts of a singing lady.
Wind noise and intriguing waiting for further development with mysterious unclear spirits and suffering from victims are the Shrine entry into the further development of musical narration, a faster explosion of drive and rage with accelerating the tempo and the fierce of sound in the music of the A Thousand Lies song. The Descendant composition is returned to a sick-sized dusk, marching vocal meditations among twilight musical sacraments.
By transforming from mysterious thinking to angry exclamations, the vocal party stands at the forefront of the Myopic Empire musical image. The muffled reflections of the mysterious lady with the suite piano on the background are entry into the final part of the composition. Piano goes to the forefront in the My Pain into, complementing the background tunes of a singing lady who then goes to the forefront to the wise reflection of the male vocal. The Prolonging completes the album the most diverse and lengthy composition.