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Dark tales with eerie sound

July 25, 2022
Funeral Mist - Hekatomb

Setting the musical path of the main motif in the introduction of the In Nomine Domini composition then begins the musical narrative of the Funeral Mist - Hekatomb album with the unity of explosions of rapid drive, receding before the notes of musical reflection, but then returning again with vocal anger. The Naught But Death rhythmic march drives a musical step, paving the way for a persistent and confident vocals narrative.
After an intriguing anticipation, the Shedding Skin musical saga persistently, confidently and unrestrained rolls out the path from the musical canvas of the main motif, along which the vocal part angrily and furiously marches. The Cockatrice composition frantically and furiously spins the flywheel of the musical story, sweeping away any obstacles from the path and bringing notes of solemn grandeur with a vocals story.
A twilight musical haze envelops the vocal narrative of the Metamorphosis musical tale with a viscous deterrent, marching with a leisurely meaningful step, followed by an incredible acceleration of the frantic drive of the Within the Without composition.
After a brief preparation of the introduction, the Hosanna song confidently and persistently raises the musical banners of the main motif, complementing their sounds with vocals emotional perseverance. Twilight of the Pallor Mortis musical fairy tale concludes the album with a mysterious musical artwork.