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Dark rituals are able to understand only those who believe in darkness

July 31, 2018
Inkvisitor - Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals

The title track starts the Inkvisitor - Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals album with a gloomy ritual of obscure images, then the guitars command the change of the musical canvas, raising the road for vocal reflections. Vocals explode with emotional flashes, enslaving the musical image with their eccentric phrases, over and over again changing the style and pitch.
An energetic drive sets the original mood of the Second Sacrament song, the vocal complements the rampant rage with its harsh, combining several shades and styles - sometimes reaching almost to the screaming, sometimes - to the growling.
The pulsating march A Shadow Suspended by Dust sets its stubborn character to the introduction, then gaining momentum and accumulating in various shades thanks to the vocal part, rolling in waves of unrestrained demands, rolling the canvas before an unlisted listener. In the final part, the sound is supplemented by oriental motifs, enveloped in the epic atmosphere of ancient mysteries.
Playful dances poses deadly dangers in seductive possibilities, sometimes exploding with bright impulses, but summing up the temptations with The Confession violent passages, combining vocal screaming and violent guitar breaks.
In an eerie labyrinth, the ghostly dangers hover around, entangling invisible bonds - the vocals begin an emotional harsh and from time to time explode with unrestrained screaming. This cautious Mindslaver composition anticipates the coming festival of black magic and necromantic art Necromancy Cascade, which entrusts the celebration of its triumph in the majestic anthem. In this composition, dark romanticism and foggy twilight envelops the sound with dark temptations, wrapping the ballad sound with bright and sublime melody.
An energetic drive and rhythmic threshing set on unrestrained eagerness to change the Paradigm Shift sound, vocal interleaves a variety of stylistics in the sound - combining in one batch harsh, screaming and shades of growling. The War is Path to Victory main motive appears already in the introduction, a majestic melody intertwining with vague premonitions of future dangers. In the vocal part, nervousness and cautiousness vary, varying the various shades of the vocal part. A rhythmic march convokes a squad for the coming battles, the guitar sings a battle cry. Then the introduction ends with a majestic saga, enveloping the further development of The Revenant (Redeemer) composition with an epic melody - but the incoming vocal supplements the sound of the race with unrestrained drive, based on the alternation of severe growling and rebellious harsh.
Starting with a gloomy fog, relating a musical canvas to the style of the doom metal, intro enters the Quagmire Twilight (Deleted Scene) composition with a painful clean vocal enveloped in charming melody and burdensome experiences of significant greatness. Where is the music, vocals? ... but Hidden Track concludes the album with exclamations.